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Welcome to cbccl

Welcome to cbccl - a very smal and easy C++ library made to handle the simple stuff we ofen missed for our simple aplications and libaries.


There is ofen a situation where you needs functions like FileExists of ReadTextFromFile, but the big libraries like wxWindows are much to big for only this job. Since most programs have this simple stuff in extra files, i decided to extract the stuff i have written yet for my application to a simple library, that needs ony some KB in binary form. The idea for this library came with caminoTalks. A lot of this stuff is taken from my unix2win project. For me it is important that the stuff is cross platform.


This library was written by Carsten Breuer.


wxWindows Library License (free for comercial use).


Send me a mail at Carsten.Breuer at sourceforge dot net.
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