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cbfile.h File Reference

#include "cbstring.h"

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Data Structures

class  cbPath
class  cbPathRootNode


#define cbIsFileDeletable(n)   IsFileWritable(n)


typedef cbuint32 cbState
typedef cbuint32 cbeFileFlags


  cptUnknown, cptDOS, cptWin, cptShare,
  cptLinux, cptRelative


CBCCL_API cbString cbGetCurDir ()
 Returns the current working directory.

CBCCL_API cbbool cbGetFileData (cbcchr *p_fileName, cb_file_st_data *p_data)
 Returns the administration information of a file.

CBCCL_API cbbool cbFileExists (cbcchr *p_fileName)
 Checks if a file exists or not.

CBCCL_API cbbool cbIsFileWritable (cbcchr *p_fileName)
CBCCL_API cbsize cbGetFileSize (cbcchr *p_fileName)
 Returns the size of the file.

CBCCL_API cbbool cbFindInString (cbcchr *p_str, cbString &result, cbcchr sign, cbuint16 offset)
CB_INLINE cbbool cbGetFileName (cbcchr *p_str, cbString &result)
 Extracts the file name part of the given file name.

CB_INLINE cbString cbGetFileName (cbcchr *p_fileName)
CB_INLINE cbbool cbGetFileExt (cbcchr *p_fileName, cbString &result)
CB_INLINE cbString cbGetFileExt (cbcchr *p_fileName)
CBCCL_API cbbool cbGetFilePath (cbcchr *p_fileName, cbString &result)
CBCCL_API cbString cbGetFilePath (cbcchr *p_fileName)
CBCCL_API cbbool cbGetFileNameWithoutSuffix (cbcchr *p_fileName, cbString result, cbbool removePath=cbFALSE)
CB_INLINE cbString cbGetFileNameWithoutSuffix (cbcchr *p_fileName, cbbool removePath=cbFALSE)
CBCCL_API cbState cbRenameFile (cbcchr *p_newName, cbcchr *p_oldName, cbeFileFlags flags)
CBCCL_API cbState cbDeleteFile (cbcchr *p_fileName)
CBCCL_API cbState cbCopyFile (cbcchr *p_destName, cbcchr *p_srcName, cbeFileFlags flags)
CBCCL_API cbState cbDirExists (cbcchr *p_dirName)
CBCCL_API cbState cbRenameDir (cbcchr *p_newName, cbcchr *p_oldName)
CBCCL_API cbState cbDeleteDir (cbcchr *p_dirName, cbbool removeContent=cbFALSE)
CBCCL_API cbbool cbIsRelPath (cbcchr *p_path)
CBCCL_API cbbool cbIsAbsPath (cbcchr *p_path)
CBCCL_API cbbool cbHasPath (cbcchr *p_path)
CB_INLINE cbbool cbIsWinPath (cbcchr *p_path)
CB_INLINE cbbool cbIsLinuxPath (cbcchr *p_path)
CBCCL_API cbString cbExpandCwdPath (cbcchr *p_path)
CBCCL_API cbString cbMakeAbsPath (cbcchr *p_refPath, cbcchr *p_fileName)
CBCCL_API cbString cbMakeRelPath (cbcchr *p_refPath, cbcchr *p_fileName)
CBCCL_API cbbool cbCheckName (cbcchr *p_name, cbeFileFlags flags)

Define Documentation

#define cbIsFileDeletable  )     IsFileWritable(n)

Typedef Documentation

typedef cbuint32 cbeFileFlags

typedef cbuint32 cbState

Enumeration Type Documentation


Enumeration values:

Function Documentation

CBCCL_API cbbool cbCheckName cbcchr p_name,
cbeFileFlags  flags

CBCCL_API cbState cbCopyFile cbcchr p_destName,
cbcchr p_srcName,
cbeFileFlags  flags

CBCCL_API cbState cbDeleteDir cbcchr p_dirName,
cbbool  removeContent = cbFALSE

CBCCL_API cbState cbDeleteFile cbcchr p_fileName  ) 

CBCCL_API cbState cbDirExists cbcchr p_dirName  ) 

CBCCL_API cbString cbExpandCwdPath cbcchr p_path  ) 

CBCCL_API cbbool cbFileExists cbcchr p_fileName  ) 

Checks if a file exists or not.

p_fileName Pointer to the string with the filename. If this parameter is invalid, we returns also cbFALSE.
cbTRUE if the file exists, else cbFALSE.

CBCCL_API cbbool cbFindInString cbcchr p_str,
cbString result,
cbcchr  sign,
cbuint16  offset

CBCCL_API cbString cbGetCurDir  ) 

Returns the current working directory.

A string with the current working directory

CBCCL_API cbbool cbGetFileData cbcchr p_fileName,
cb_file_st_data *  p_data

Returns the administration information of a file.

p_fileName The file name.
cb_file_st_data A poinbter to the file data that is filled with the information.
cbTRUE on success, else cbFALSE.

CB_INLINE cbString cbGetFileExt cbcchr p_fileName  )  [inline]

CB_INLINE cbbool cbGetFileExt cbcchr p_fileName,
cbString result

CB_INLINE cbString cbGetFileName cbcchr p_fileName  )  [inline]

CB_INLINE cbbool cbGetFileName cbcchr p_fileName,
cbString result

Extracts the file name part of the given file name.

p_fileName Pointer to the string with the filename.
result Referenz to a result string.
if the file namme could get successfully, this function returns cbTRUE, else cbFALSE.

CB_INLINE cbString cbGetFileNameWithoutSuffix cbcchr p_fileName,
cbbool  removePath = cbFALSE

CBCCL_API cbbool cbGetFileNameWithoutSuffix cbcchr p_fileName,
cbString  result,
cbbool  removePath = cbFALSE

CBCCL_API cbString cbGetFilePath cbcchr p_fileName  ) 

CBCCL_API cbbool cbGetFilePath cbcchr p_fileName,
cbString result

CBCCL_API cbsize cbGetFileSize cbcchr p_fileName  ) 

Returns the size of the file.

p_fileName Pointer to the string with the filename. If this parameter is invalid, we returns 0.
The file size or zero, if the file doesn't exist's.

CBCCL_API cbbool cbHasPath cbcchr p_path  ) 

CBCCL_API cbbool cbIsAbsPath cbcchr p_path  ) 

CBCCL_API cbbool cbIsFileWritable cbcchr p_fileName  ) 

CB_INLINE cbbool cbIsLinuxPath cbcchr p_path  ) 

CBCCL_API cbbool cbIsRelPath cbcchr p_path  ) 

CB_INLINE cbbool cbIsWinPath cbcchr p_path  ) 

CBCCL_API cbString cbMakeAbsPath cbcchr p_refPath,
cbcchr p_fileName

CBCCL_API cbString cbMakeRelPath cbcchr p_refPath,
cbcchr p_fileName

CBCCL_API cbState cbRenameDir cbcchr p_newName,
cbcchr p_oldName

CBCCL_API cbState cbRenameFile cbcchr p_newName,
cbcchr p_oldName,
cbeFileFlags  flags

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