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cbPath Class Reference

#include <cbfile.h>

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Public Member Functions

 cbPath (cbcchr *p_path)
 cbPath ()
 ~cbPath ()
cbbool SetPath (const char *p_path)
const cbString GetPath ()
cbString GetPathLevel (int idx)
cbbool PathUp ()
cbbool PathDown (cbcchr *p_path)
cbbool HasFileName ()
cbString MakeRelPath (cbcchr *p_path)
cbString MakeAbsPath (cbcchr *p_refPath)
cbString Win32ToLinux (cbcchr *driveMntPoint, cbcchr *p_path)
cbString LinuxToWin32 (cbcchr *driveMntPoint, cbcchr *p_path)

Protected Attributes

cbString m_path
cbString m_fileName

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cbPath::cbPath cbcchr p_path  )  [inline]

cbPath::cbPath  )  [inline]

cbPath::~cbPath  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

const cbString cbPath::GetPath  )  [inline]

cbString cbPath::GetPathLevel int  idx  )  [inline]

cbbool cbPath::HasFileName  )  [inline]

cbString cbPath::LinuxToWin32 cbcchr driveMntPoint,
cbcchr p_path

cbString cbPath::MakeAbsPath cbcchr p_refPath  )  [inline]

cbString cbPath::MakeRelPath cbcchr p_path  )  [inline]

cbbool cbPath::PathDown cbcchr p_path  )  [inline]

cbbool cbPath::PathUp  )  [inline]

cbbool cbPath::SetPath const char *  p_path  )  [inline]

cbString cbPath::Win32ToLinux cbcchr driveMntPoint,
cbcchr p_path

Field Documentation

cbString cbPath::m_fileName [protected]

cbString cbPath::m_path [protected]

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